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    ERBA XL180


    • Fully automated, random access, discrete clinical chemistry analyzer
    • Complete open system provides flexibility to program infinite protocols
    • Throughout of 180 photo-metric tests/hour and 400 tests/hour with ISE (optional)
    • Requires only 180 μl reagent volume with sapphire syringe
    • On-board cooling for reagents
    • Primary tube sampling with options of sample cup
    • static photometer with 8 multi-wavelengths ranging from 340 to 700 nm
    • Probe with pre-heating facility
    • Dedicated mixer with variable speed: low, medium and high
    • In-build bar code reader for samples and reagents
    • reusable rotor
    • Probe with vertical obstruction detection, liquid level sensing
    • Multiple assay modes: 1-point, 2-point, Rate-A, Rate-B, Direct Potentiometry  (optional)
    • Multiple calibration modes such as linear, non-linear, multi-point, etc
    • Extensive Q.C program levy-jenning curve and QC rules
    • Unlimited data storage

    ERBA XL300


    • Unique result re-calculation facility that eliminates repeat runs
    • Allows to use Immuno Turbidimetric, Latex Turbidimetric based methods
    • Static photometer design with diffraction grating and diode array detectors
    • Lower reagent consumption due to reading volume of 200 µ
    • Unlimited test programmes, any number of calculation items,unlimited test profiles
    • Choice of 12 wavelengths from 340 to 750 nm with O.D. range from 0 to 3.5 Abs
    • Quality Control programme to provide daily & monthly Levy-Jenning Graphs & Twin Plot
    • Soft start and stop of all reagent and sample probes
    • Vertical Obstruction Detection (VOD) system protects the probe needles from damage
    • Separation of biohazardous waste for safe disposal
    • Float sensor based platform with alarms for D.I. water, cleaning solution and waste containers
    • Storage of calibration trace data with reagent blank O.D. and calibration O.D.

    Service and Support

    Skilled systems engineers and application specialists available


    • On-site training and installation of Equipment
    • E-learning courses
    • A wide offer to continually develop your lab’s skills and expertise



    The Minividas is a multiparametric immunoassay product from bioMerieux. A fully automated analyzer, the analyzer is a compact model fitted with a built-in computer, keypad, printer, two compartments, and a constantly growing menu of assays.

    It processes single sample and batch test for all types of analysis: serology, immunochemistry, antigen detection,tumor markers. Ten different analytes can be used simultaneously. All enzyme immunoassay reaction stages are performed automatically in minimal space: pipetting, incubating, washing, reading, and results are sent immediately to the integrated printer.

    • Over 100 parameters in single-test format for the diagnosis of cardiovascular and infectious diseases, cancers, infertility, pregnancy and thyroiditis diseases
    • On-demand testing: 1 patient, 1 test, 1 result
    • Ready-to-use reagents
    • Results in 17 to 120 minutes
    • One order reference per test: kits include all components needed

    Technical Specifications
    Weight : 88 lbs (40 kg)

    Electrical requirements:
    Voltage 100-240 VAC
    Electrical consumption 1.5 – 0.8 A
    Frequency 50-60Hz
    Power 150 Watts
    Heat emission approximately 512 Btu/hr

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    MYLA® IT performance management solution

    Myla is an innovative middle ware application that has been intelligently designed by microbiologists

    Connectivity Features

    • Open System
    • Multiple simultaneous LIS connections(up to 5 LIS connected)
    • Up to 15 simultaneous client connections
    • Myla is capable of interfacing multiple instruments into one single LIS connection: Vitek 2, Vitek 2 Compact, Vitek Ms, Bact/Alert 3D.
    • Up to 5 Vitek 2 pc s(v.5.xx) (up to Vitek Xl per PC).
    • Up to 6 Bact/3D controller modules (up to 6 incubators per controller).
    • Up to 5 VITEK MS prep station + up to 2 VITEK MS instruments.
    • High secure connection to BioMérieux server (VILINK) for software upgrade or other services.
    • External Data Management connection.
    • Monitors and maintains the system interfaces.
    • Easily tracks instruments capacity, delayed operations and reagent consumption.
    • Centralizes and displays consolidated patient microbiology results to improve the patient treatment.
    • Performs the instrument diagnostic online.Functions
      • ID/AST preparation for VITEK 2 and VITEK MS.
      • Blood culture results review.
      • Display of anonymous and orphan bottles.
      • List of unloaded/positive/negative bottle(daily or on demand)


      • Remote access to VITEK 2.
      • Visual/audible alert for positive blood cultures + remote notification through SMS, email and light/sound pole.

      Languages : English



    Innovative technology

    • Hydrodynamic focused impedance cell counting
    • Utilizes Direct Current technology
    • Accurate results from proven technology
    • Ideal for lab testing volumes of 5-30 CBCs per day or as a companion system for the Sysmex 5-part differential analyzers

    Accurate and reliable

    • Proven technology for accuracy and results
    • Linearity to support clinical diagnostics and monitoring
    • Sensitive flagging to support diagnosis

    Easy operation and maintenance

    • Requires minimal training
    • Simple menus and color, touch-screen LCD technology
    • Walk away maintenance
    • Auto start-up and shut-down

    SYSMEX UC-3500


    Test strip Parameters:
    Ph,GLU,PRO,BLD,KET,BIL,NIT,LEU,CRE(11Aonly),alb(11A Only)

    System Parameters:

    SG, colour, cloudiness, ALB/CRE ratio(11A only), PRO/CRE ratio

    (11A only)

    Throughput: max.276 samples/hour

    Sampling Volume 1ml

    Aspiration Volume: 230ul

    Sampler Unit Capacity: 80 samples(8 racks with 10 tubes each)


    Connection of UC-3500, UF-5000 OR UF-5000/4000 +UD-10

    U-WAM(Urinalysis work area information Management System)

    Wagon(s), rack entry and rack exit units



    Main Unit incl. sampler:


    Service and Support

    Skilled systems engineers and application specialists available


    • On-site training and installation of Equipment
    • E-learning courses
    • A wide offer to continually develop your lab’s skills and expertise

    The BioFire® FilmArray® 2.0

    The BioFire FilmArray 2.0 has set the standard for molecular diagnostic testing. With single database management of up to 8 instruments per computer, the BioFire FilmArray 2.0 can test up to 175 samples a day. Its LIS-interfacing capabilities enable simplified test ordering and send outs, quicker turnaround times, and increased accuracy by minimizing manual data entry.

    System is an FDA, CE-IVD, and TGA certified multiplex PCR system that integrates sample preparation, amplification, detection and analysis.

    • Simple: 2 minutes of hands-on time
    • Easy: No precise measuring or pipetting required
    • Fast: Turnaround time of about an hour
    • Comprehensive: Tests for a variety of pathogens that cause viral respiratory, pneumonia, bloodstream, gastrointestinal infections and meningitis-encephalitis as well antimicrobial resistance genes


    Key Specification:

    Technologies:          Reflectance photometry with CMOS camera

    Test strips:                 MEDITAPE UC-1OS,MEDITAPE UC-125


    Test Strips Parameters: Ph, SG, GLU, PRO,BLD,URO,KET,BIL,NIT,LEU,CRE (12S

    Only), ALB/CRE ratio (12S only), PRO/CRE   ratio

    (12S only)


    Max.480 samples/hour


    Connection to the UN-Series configuration via U-WAM (Urinalysis Work Area Information Management System) connection of a hand-held barcode reader

    Data Storage         5000 samples/5000 images of test strips

    Dimension/Weight:          Main unit:

    W x H x D (mm/kg)               approx.315 x 135 x 215/2.6

    Service and Support

    Skilled systems engineers and application specialists available


    • On-site training and installation of Equipment
    • E-learning courses
    • A wide offer to continually develop your lab’s skills and expertise



    Urine       RBC,NL RBC,WBC,WBC Clumps,EC Squa,EC,Non SEC,Tran,EC,


    MUCUS, Lysed RBC, SRC, Atyp.C,Flags: RBC-Info,UTI-Info

    Body fluid:



    Urine:          Max.80 samples/hour body fluid:max.15 samples/hour

    Sampling Volume:

    ample mode (Urine): 2 ml

    STAT  mode (urine/body fluid:0.6ml

    Aspiration volume:

    450 µ in all modes

    Sample unit capacity

    Integrated stand-alone sample:50 samples/loading area;70 samples/exit

    Area modular sampler:80 sample/each area

    Data Management

    U-WAM (Urinalysis Work Area Information Management System)


    Connection of UC-3500 and/or UF-5000/4000 and /or UD-10

    Wagon(s),rack entry and rack exit units

    Dimension/weights:   main unit incl.sampler:

    Wx Hx D (mm/kg):        Approx…760 x 855x 754/90