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    Vidas Pc

    VIDAS® is a reliable and easy-to-use automated benchtop immunoanalyzer. Based on the Enzyme Linked Fluorescent Assay (ELFA) technology, it provides high quality on-demand test results.
    VIDAS® offers routine batch or random access testing for serology, immunochemistry, antigen detection and immunohemostasis. Five independent analytical sections allow you to perform 30 tests simultaneously. The VIDAS® PC software enables easy test launch, data management, result storage and bidirectional interface with the laboratory information system. Simple and flexible, VIDAS® facilitates lab workflow with a simple answer to complex needs
    • Robust system: MTBF > 700 days
    • Ideal for small to medium throughput: up to 80 tests per hour
    • Broad menu: over 100 parameters available in single-test format for routine, complementary, specialized or emergency testing
    • 1 patient = 1 test
    Ease of use
    • Simple steps
    1. Patient ID acquisition & sample distribution
    2. Load SPR® and reagent strip
    3. Press START key Just ‘Load and Go’
    4. Easy access to patient files
    5. Specific management of emergency tests
    6. Workflow optimisation through bidirectional connection
    7. User-friendly graphic interface

    Flexibility and SecurityTOP
    1.Batch or single testing – all VIDAS® assays are in single-dose format
    2.Simultaneous processing of different parameters
    3.Bar-code identification of patients and reagents
    4.Data saved on CD-Rom
    5.Events recorded in real time

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    Vitek 2 ® Compact Automated ID/AST Instrument

    A unique concept for same day results
    the miniaturized VITEK® 2 card enhances:

    Laboratory efficiency

      • highest level of automation
      • no reagent addition
      • closed disposable for optimal user safety
      • pre-applied card barcodes for maximum traceability
      • Same day result
        • test card read kinetically every 15 min for optimum time to result
        • mean time to result between 6 to 8 hours

    Advanced Colorimetry™
    A unique identification technology to enhance

    • Over 98% of routine clinical isolates identified with a single system.
    • Advanced Expert System™A unique interpretation software to ensure confidence in results
      • Antibiotic Susceptibility Test results coupled with AES interpretation system: an optimal level of information for the best clinical decision
        • MIC values, a universal standard that enables low level resistance detection
        • Clinical interpretation to guide the most potentially successful treatment
        • Deduced antibiotic results to meet specific physician requirements

      Reference Back up

      • 100,000 reference database with more than 2,000 referenced phenotypes
      • 20,000 MIC distribution.

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    VITEK MS is an automated mass spectrometry microbial identification system that uses Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Time-of-Flight (MALDI-TOF) technology.

    VITEK MS contains a comprehensive comprehensive CE-marked  database for bacteria and fungi, including mycobacteria, Nocardia and molds—now including BrucellaCandida auris and Elizabethkingia anophelise microbial samples.

    Efficiency and Time Savings:

    • Innovative clinical application with >1000 CE-IVD approved organism identification capability.
    • VITEK MS integration with VITEK 2 through Myla, allowing the connection of VITEK MS ID and VITEK 2 AST results.
    • Automated system for identification of aerobes, anaerobes, moulds, yeast and mycoplasma.
    • High sensitivity in the >10k Dalton range.
    • Ivd approved ready to use mycobacteria, nocardia, mould kits.
    • Microbial identification by obtaining spectra directly form intact bacteria thanks to the MALDI-TOF technology(matric assisted laser Desorption ionization time-of-flight)
    • Comprehensive database of clinically relevant species for the spectra analysis and the rapid identification of organisms.

    Safety and traceability:

    • VITEK MS prep station: to link the specimen information to each spot on the target slide and to the VITEK 2 cassette position.
    • Disposable target slides: unique barcode (manual data entry minimized), IVD compliant, calibrate spots, no cleaning, low cost.
    • Dedicated positions on the target slides for calibration.

    Easy To Use:

    • Clear structured presentation of the results in the Myla dashboard.
    • Disposable slides do not require cleaning or cleaning supplies.
    • Ready to use matrix (CHCA) and formic acid solutions


    Up to 192 tests in one run (disposable four target slides with 48 positions each).

    Seamless integration with Vitek & Bactalert/Virtuo Through Myla

    • Remote working capability
    • User friendly software facilitates the workflow from the sample preparation and loading to the specimen analysis.

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    XN-1000 – Sysmex Haematology Analyzer


    • Highest quality, even for low sample throughputs
    • NRBC for every blood cell count
    • XN-1000 Pure configurations: CBC + DIFF or CBC + DIFF + RET
    • Functions for network connection and remote servicing
    • Up to 100 samples/h in sampler operation

    XN-350 Analyser


    • Compact 5-part differential analyser
    • Single sample analysis in open mode
    • Fully integrated IPU including LCD color touchscreen
    • 25 µL aspiration volume in whole blood mode
    • Scalable system, optional values and services available

    XN-450 Analyser


    1. Compact 5-part differential analyser
    2. Single sample analysis in closed or open mode
    3. Fully integrated IPU including LCD colour touchscreen
    4. 25 µL aspiration volume in whole blood mode
    5. Scalable system, optional values and services available

    XN-550 Analyser


    • Compact 5-part differential analyser with fully integrated IPU and compact LCD colour touchscreen
    • Increased workflow productivity with automated sampler analysis
    • Rerun & Reflex functionality and continuous loading
    • 25 µL aspiration volume in whole blood mode
    • Scalable system, optional values and services available


    The Sysmex XN-9000™ can operate up to 9 analytical modules in a single system with various combinations of analyzers, slide preparation units, tube sorters and HbA1c sample testing management. The line offers advanced integrated IT management with Sysmex WAM™ middleware, which enables multi-site connectivity and system-wide rules for auto-validation rates greater than 85%.

    The fully automated system provides advanced clinical parameters, including NRBCs with every CBC, immature granulocytes with every Diff, RET-He within the reticulocyte profile and an all-new fluorescent platelet channel for IPF to aid the physician in the differential diagnosis of thrombocytopenia. Its compact design delivers a smaller footprint for increased physical productivity.     Concentrated reagents simplify consumable inventory management.

    XP-300 Analyser


    • Robust and reliable
    • Neutrophil count for greater diagnostic value
    • 20 parameters at the push of a button
    • Unique barcode and reagent management simplifies laboratory work
    • Easy connectivity and user support through SNCS and Online QC