MYLA® IT performance management solution

Myla is an innovative middle ware application that has been intelligently designed by microbiologists

Connectivity Features

  • Open System
  • Multiple simultaneous LIS connections(up to 5 LIS connected)
  • Up to 15 simultaneous client connections
  • Myla is capable of interfacing multiple instruments into one single LIS connection: Vitek 2, Vitek 2 Compact, Vitek Ms, Bact/Alert 3D.
  • Up to 5 Vitek 2 pc s(v.5.xx) (up to Vitek Xl per PC).
  • Up to 6 Bact/3D controller modules (up to 6 incubators per controller).
  • Up to 5 VITEK MS prep station + up to 2 VITEK MS instruments.
  • High secure connection to BioMérieux server (VILINK) for software upgrade or other services.
  • External Data Management connection.
  • Monitors and maintains the system interfaces.
  • Easily tracks instruments capacity, delayed operations and reagent consumption.
  • Centralizes and displays consolidated patient microbiology results to improve the patient treatment.
  • Performs the instrument diagnostic online.Functions
    • ID/AST preparation for VITEK 2 and VITEK MS.
    • Blood culture results review.
    • Display of anonymous and orphan bottles.
    • List of unloaded/positive/negative bottle(daily or on demand)


    • Remote access to VITEK 2.
    • Visual/audible alert for positive blood cultures + remote notification through SMS, email and light/sound pole.

    Languages : English


MYLA® offers a single software solution to manage multiple instruments and multiple LIS through a unified interface. The right information is easily accessible and flows quickly and securely to those who need it. You keep the lab running optimally and can deliver complete, reliable information to clinicians supporting patient-care decisions.