Key Specification:

Technologies:          Reflectance photometry with CMOS camera

Test strips:                 MEDITAPE UC-1OS,MEDITAPE UC-125


Test Strips Parameters: Ph, SG, GLU, PRO,BLD,URO,KET,BIL,NIT,LEU,CRE (12S

Only), ALB/CRE ratio (12S only), PRO/CRE   ratio

(12S only)


Max.480 samples/hour


Connection to the UN-Series configuration via U-WAM (Urinalysis Work Area Information Management System) connection of a hand-held barcode reader

Data Storage         5000 samples/5000 images of test strips

Dimension/Weight:          Main unit:

W x H x D (mm/kg)               approx.315 x 135 x 215/2.6

Service and Support

Skilled systems engineers and application specialists available


  • On-site training and installation of Equipment
  • E-learning courses
  • A wide offer to continually develop your lab’s skills and expertise


Sysmex’s UC-1000 is a particularly versatile semi-automated urine test strips analyser since you can integrate it in your urinalysis workflow in many ways.

  • UC-1000 becomes a true part of any UN-Series installation, including integrated into the rules set that customizes your workflow, when you connect it via the UN-Series ‘work area manager U-WAM. This is the perfect scenario if you are looking for a backup for your UC-3500 fully automated system or if you do don’t run many chemistry tests and only require a small system for processing individual test strips order request.
  • UC-1000 is an equally valuable solution as stand-alone system – be it in laboratories with a smaller overall urinalysis workload or in a point-of-care setting, such as GP’s office or on a hospital ward.