Vitek 2 ® Compact Automated ID/AST Instrument

A unique concept for same day results
the miniaturized VITEK® 2 card enhances:

Laboratory efficiency

    • highest level of automation
    • no reagent addition
    • closed disposable for optimal user safety
    • pre-applied card barcodes for maximum traceability
    • Same day result
      • test card read kinetically every 15 min for optimum time to result
      • mean time to result between 6 to 8 hours

Advanced Colorimetry™
A unique identification technology to enhance

  • Over 98% of routine clinical isolates identified with a single system.
  • Advanced Expert System™A unique interpretation software to ensure confidence in results
    • Antibiotic Susceptibility Test results coupled with AES interpretation system: an optimal level of information for the best clinical decision
      • MIC values, a universal standard that enables low level resistance detection
      • Clinical interpretation to guide the most potentially successful treatment
      • Deduced antibiotic results to meet specific physician requirements

    Reference Back up

    • 100,000 reference database with more than 2,000 referenced phenotypes
    • 20,000 MIC distribution.

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The compact solution for fast, accurate ID/AST testing with expert confidence.

Designed to provide ID/AST results in as little as 5 to 8 hours, VITEK 2® COMPACT works with economical, ready-to-use VITEK® 2 ID/AST cards.

Safety is optimized with minimal reagent preparation and reduced handling in a closed, disposable system. The VITEK® 2 COMPACT is simple to use.

Service and Support

Skilled systems engineers and application specialists available


  • On-site training and installation of Equipment
  • E-learning courses
  • A wide offer to continually develop your lab’s skills and expertise