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    BACT/ALERT® 3D 120 Automated Blood Culture Detection System

    The BACT/ALERT® 3D family of products brings you sophisticated automated microbial detection systems with advantages in every dimension of blood culture testing from safety and design to recovery and accuracy. They provide optimal environments for the recovery of a wide range of microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi and mycobacteria. All this in a single innovative platform that’s the most compact, modular and flexible system available.

    BACT/ALERT 3D 120, Automated Blood Culture Detection

    System designed to do Blood Culture.  For both aerobic and anaerobic cultures;

    • Capacity – 120 Blood Culture Bottles
    • Quick Identification of bacterial growth in the bottles
    • Improved gram stain reading for easy transition to downstream tests
    • Control and Incubation module in a single instrument
    • Detect Bacteria and yeast from both blood and sterile body fluids
    • Shorter Time to detection through earlier organism recovery
    • Modular capacity of up to four incubators of 1440 cells.
    • Visual Colorimetric change enables immediate action on delayed-entry positive bottles.
    • Quality Control
    • Data Management
    • 24 Hrs Continuous Scanning
    • Easy to use System


    The VIRTUO Microbial Detection System, is a fully automated blood culture solution with real-time notification of blood volume, quicker time to detection and virtually zero hands on time.

    Up to three additional 428 capacity incubators to one primary VIRTUO (1712 total cells)

    Motion Activated Loading

    Motion activated loading bay with optical sensors.

    Detects user intervention.

    Conveyor and carousel feed BacT/ALERT bottles into instrument.

    Blood Level Detection

    Detection Senses fill level on every BACT/ALERT bottle in real time

    Immediate Notification of Improper fill volume CAP standard MIC.22640 compliant.

    Smart Scanning Technology

    Automatically scans bottles for full traceability

    Carousel moves BacT/ALERT bottles into smart scanning station.

    Scanning station rotates and images entire BacT/ALERT bottle.

    Sample Level Sensing

    Directly senses fill level on every BacT/ALERT bottle in real time.

    Precision Loading

    Robotic arm grips BacT/ALERT bottles and places firmly into cells.

    Automatically performs periodic QC on each cell.

    System Performance

    New growth detection algorithms for overall faster time to detection. Colometric or Fluorometry.

    Automated Unloading

    Final negative BacT/ALERT bottles removed automatically or on demand.

    Shatter resistant BacT/ALERT bottles for worry free unloading.

    Automated unloading with removable waste container.

    Intuitive Touch Screen Design for enhanced ease of use

    Fitted with microbiology middle ware-

    Rapid access to remote diagnostic support through VILINK & MYLA able to integrate with LIS.

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