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    The Minividas is a multiparametric immunoassay product from bioMerieux. A fully automated analyzer, the analyzer is a compact model fitted with a built-in computer, keypad, printer, two compartments, and a constantly growing menu of assays.

    It processes single sample and batch test for all types of analysis: serology, immunochemistry, antigen detection,tumor markers. Ten different analytes can be used simultaneously. All enzyme immunoassay reaction stages are performed automatically in minimal space: pipetting, incubating, washing, reading, and results are sent immediately to the integrated printer.

    • Over 100 parameters in single-test format for the diagnosis of cardiovascular and infectious diseases, cancers, infertility, pregnancy and thyroiditis diseases
    • On-demand testing: 1 patient, 1 test, 1 result
    • Ready-to-use reagents
    • Results in 17 to 120 minutes
    • One order reference per test: kits include all components needed

    Technical Specifications
    Weight : 88 lbs (40 kg)

    Electrical requirements:
    Voltage 100-240 VAC
    Electrical consumption 1.5 – 0.8 A
    Frequency 50-60Hz
    Power 150 Watts
    Heat emission approximately 512 Btu/hr

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    Vidas Pc

    VIDAS® is a reliable and easy-to-use automated benchtop immunoanalyzer. Based on the Enzyme Linked Fluorescent Assay (ELFA) technology, it provides high quality on-demand test results.
    VIDAS® offers routine batch or random access testing for serology, immunochemistry, antigen detection and immunohemostasis. Five independent analytical sections allow you to perform 30 tests simultaneously. The VIDAS® PC software enables easy test launch, data management, result storage and bidirectional interface with the laboratory information system. Simple and flexible, VIDAS® facilitates lab workflow with a simple answer to complex needs
    • Robust system: MTBF > 700 days
    • Ideal for small to medium throughput: up to 80 tests per hour
    • Broad menu: over 100 parameters available in single-test format for routine, complementary, specialized or emergency testing
    • 1 patient = 1 test
    Ease of use
    • Simple steps
    1. Patient ID acquisition & sample distribution
    2. Load SPR® and reagent strip
    3. Press START key Just ‘Load and Go’
    4. Easy access to patient files
    5. Specific management of emergency tests
    6. Workflow optimisation through bidirectional connection
    7. User-friendly graphic interface

    Flexibility and SecurityTOP
    1.Batch or single testing – all VIDAS® assays are in single-dose format
    2.Simultaneous processing of different parameters
    3.Bar-code identification of patients and reagents
    4.Data saved on CD-Rom
    5.Events recorded in real time

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