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    Innovative technology

    • Hydrodynamic focused impedance cell counting
    • Utilizes Direct Current technology
    • Accurate results from proven technology
    • Ideal for lab testing volumes of 5-30 CBCs per day or as a companion system for the Sysmex 5-part differential analyzers

    Accurate and reliable

    • Proven technology for accuracy and results
    • Linearity to support clinical diagnostics and monitoring
    • Sensitive flagging to support diagnosis

    Easy operation and maintenance

    • Requires minimal training
    • Simple menus and color, touch-screen LCD technology
    • Walk away maintenance
    • Auto start-up and shut-down

    XN-1000 – Sysmex Haematology Analyzer


    • Highest quality, even for low sample throughputs
    • NRBC for every blood cell count
    • XN-1000 Pure configurations: CBC + DIFF or CBC + DIFF + RET
    • Functions for network connection and remote servicing
    • Up to 100 samples/h in sampler operation

    XN-350 Analyser


    • Compact 5-part differential analyser
    • Single sample analysis in open mode
    • Fully integrated IPU including LCD color touchscreen
    • 25 µL aspiration volume in whole blood mode
    • Scalable system, optional values and services available

    XN-450 Analyser


    1. Compact 5-part differential analyser
    2. Single sample analysis in closed or open mode
    3. Fully integrated IPU including LCD colour touchscreen
    4. 25 µL aspiration volume in whole blood mode
    5. Scalable system, optional values and services available

    XN-550 Analyser


    • Compact 5-part differential analyser with fully integrated IPU and compact LCD colour touchscreen
    • Increased workflow productivity with automated sampler analysis
    • Rerun & Reflex functionality and continuous loading
    • 25 µL aspiration volume in whole blood mode
    • Scalable system, optional values and services available


    The Sysmex XN-9000™ can operate up to 9 analytical modules in a single system with various combinations of analyzers, slide preparation units, tube sorters and HbA1c sample testing management. The line offers advanced integrated IT management with Sysmex WAM™ middleware, which enables multi-site connectivity and system-wide rules for auto-validation rates greater than 85%.

    The fully automated system provides advanced clinical parameters, including NRBCs with every CBC, immature granulocytes with every Diff, RET-He within the reticulocyte profile and an all-new fluorescent platelet channel for IPF to aid the physician in the differential diagnosis of thrombocytopenia. Its compact design delivers a smaller footprint for increased physical productivity.     Concentrated reagents simplify consumable inventory management.

    XP-300 Analyser


    • Robust and reliable
    • Neutrophil count for greater diagnostic value
    • 20 parameters at the push of a button
    • Unique barcode and reagent management simplifies laboratory work
    • Easy connectivity and user support through SNCS and Online QC