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    Erba Chem 7


    • 56 Direct Keys access
    • Online display of Reaction curve
    • Unique Triple cuvette system
    • Low Reagent consumption
    • Direct printer/Keyboard connectivity



    • Touch screen LCD
    • Onboard inventory management
    • Visual icons for low reagent level
    • Long life electrodes
    • Closed reagent cartridge to avoid contamination
    • Optional auto sampler
    • User friendly software
    • Facility to run 2 levels of QC statistic report with mean, SD and %CV for daily or monthly QC

    ERBA XL 200

    Fully Automated Random Access Clinical Chemistry Analyzer with a throughput of 200 tests/hr (photometric test) and 400 tests/hr with ISE (Na/K/Cl/Li). 30 Position Reagent Tray with On-board cooling, convenient software and extensive quality control menu.

    ERBA XL180


    • Fully automated, random access, discrete clinical chemistry analyzer
    • Complete open system provides flexibility to program infinite protocols
    • Throughout of 180 photo-metric tests/hour and 400 tests/hour with ISE (optional)
    • Requires only 180 μl reagent volume with sapphire syringe
    • On-board cooling for reagents
    • Primary tube sampling with options of sample cup
    • static photometer with 8 multi-wavelengths ranging from 340 to 700 nm
    • Probe with pre-heating facility
    • Dedicated mixer with variable speed: low, medium and high
    • In-build bar code reader for samples and reagents
    • reusable rotor
    • Probe with vertical obstruction detection, liquid level sensing
    • Multiple assay modes: 1-point, 2-point, Rate-A, Rate-B, Direct Potentiometry  (optional)
    • Multiple calibration modes such as linear, non-linear, multi-point, etc
    • Extensive Q.C program levy-jenning curve and QC rules
    • Unlimited data storage

    ERBA XL300


    • Unique result re-calculation facility that eliminates repeat runs
    • Allows to use Immuno Turbidimetric, Latex Turbidimetric based methods
    • Static photometer design with diffraction grating and diode array detectors
    • Lower reagent consumption due to reading volume of 200 µ
    • Unlimited test programmes, any number of calculation items,unlimited test profiles
    • Choice of 12 wavelengths from 340 to 750 nm with O.D. range from 0 to 3.5 Abs
    • Quality Control programme to provide daily & monthly Levy-Jenning Graphs & Twin Plot
    • Soft start and stop of all reagent and sample probes
    • Vertical Obstruction Detection (VOD) system protects the probe needles from damage
    • Separation of biohazardous waste for safe disposal
    • Float sensor based platform with alarms for D.I. water, cleaning solution and waste containers
    • Storage of calibration trace data with reagent blank O.D. and calibration O.D.

    Service and Support

    Skilled systems engineers and application specialists available


    • On-site training and installation of Equipment
    • E-learning courses
    • A wide offer to continually develop your lab’s skills and expertise