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    • Standardized Procedure
    • The instrument incubates and mixes sample and reagent automatically and indicates when to add starting reagent. The auto-start function automatically detects when reagent is added (pipetting is done manually) and triggers mixing and clot detection. This procedure requires only little manual intervention, is easy to perform and ensures consistent, high quality results so you can focus further on standardization in your lab.



    • Coagulation testing is made easy with built-in timer, temperature control and auto-start and timing of measuring process.
    • Easy to use with pre-programmed methods.
    • Automatic light intensity adjustment according to the turbidity of the plasma, making it possible to measure icteric or lipemicplasma reliably.
    • Sophisticated standard curve tool to maintain accuracy and precision.
    • Increased throughput with short incubation time.
    • A technology that requires only half the sample and reagent volume for testing as compared to manual method.



     Absolute Efficiency:

    • Touch screen
    • Simple to use
    • Built-in printer
    • Small bench-top analyzer

    Test Menu:

    • Routine reagents
    • D-dimer
    • Thrombotic risk reagents


    • Simple touch screen interface coupled with bi-directional LIS communication.
    • Removable reagent trays
    • Display of sample rack number

    Labor/Cost Savings:

    • Barcode reader provides positive sample identification
    • Software checks to detect antigen excess for immunoassays
    • Auto-calibration of the clotting LEDs for precise of derived fibrinogen
    • Warning messages for expired reagents